Monday, June 6, 2011

Small Movable Alphabet

Every since my son started working with letters I have wanted the small movable alphabet set.  I bought and printed several things to replace it, but none were right.  I have magnetic letters from Melissa and Doug and they are great, hold up well, but cost to much to have several sets to make words with the same letters in them.  So, you can imagine my complete delight when during my bi-weekly trip down the craft isle while shopping for household goods I find a little $2 bag with 60 pieces of wooden letters.  Down side they only had capitals, but we can live with that for now.  I have large bottles of multi-craft latex paint at home at all times in primary colors. With a little work and this gym of a find we now have Movable Letters!!!!!  J was so excited to work with them I had a hard time getting him to let the paint dry and still need to go back for some touch ups on some. I think that will have to wait until he is asleep.   This just goes to show if you keep your eyes and mind open you too can have GREAT Montessori tools on a tight budget!


  1. I love it when parents find inexpensive versions of the traditional Montessori materials for home use! It's true that it would be nice if the letters were in lower-case, but I'm sure you've given your son plenty of opportunities to identify lower-case letters already. This is a great idea for an inexpensive yet attractive version of the movable alphabet. Well done! Deb @

  2. Thanks Deb! As a note to other home schooling parents I would like to add this is what I found at W-mart. I am sure that I will be able to find lowercase letters when I go to the craft store. I fully intend to pick up a few packets of those for sentence construction. And we do in fact have many other areas that demonstrate the lower-case letters. :D