Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Again. Holiday Break is Over.....

Well, at least for me.  My children still have the rest of the week, but I have to get some prep work done.  I am in the middle of making a hundreds board for my son out of some wood I have and tiles from Plaster of Paris and my mind is flowing with ideas of other projects.  You see, most of our family lives pretty far away so they ship presents to us.  Add to that we did all our shopping online this year as well and you have many empty boxes to contend with.  Most people would see this as unwanted trash and throw it out with the wrapping paper.  Not me!  I see possibility, strong backing for boards (I normally use folders when not using wood).   A lot of Montessori users think it has to be wood to meet the beautiful and in a class room setting, the wood is essential for the multiple users.  However, in our home, we can use less sturdy supplies and paper can be just as beautiful as wood as many scrap-book and card makers know.

The kids, however, will be spending the next week exploring the new presents they got from Santa and family.  My daughter has been crafting, learning to play her new guitar, and learning about the human anatomy via Eduscience's Human Torso Learning Game. My son is exploring the world of engineering through his new train table and World map puzzle by Geopuzzle. This is my favorite way for them to learn. Play time is learning time and I can just sit back and watch their little minds grow answering questions and helping when asked. The best part is that the items mentioned were not just sneaked in, but items my children saw and asked for in their letters to Santa.  They received fantasy play items also, but so far these are the favorites.

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