Tuesday, June 14, 2011

History Comes Alive

As a parent using the Montessori method, history is one of the largest challenges as my daughter ages. I was ecstatic this morning when my husband showed me a link to the oriental institue catalog. Our daughter has elected to learn World History in periods.  We are currently on Ancient History. I followed a link from the catalog to the teachers resources where I found a wealth of lesson plans and worksheets!  We are currently on break preparing for vacation (I'm also preparing for lessons when we get back), but I can't wait to use these with the kids!

I love that it allows me to take the kids to the primary source and teach them how to study such thing.  After all isn't this what the Montessori method is about. I will not be shoving boring text books down the kids throats.  I will be teaching them to explore history from its roots.  I know this is why I am fascinated with this section of history myself and can't wait to spread that love to them. Kudos to the Oriental Institute of Chicago!

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