Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking time to be greatful

In this world it is easy to see the things that are wrong. In this country it is easy to forget how much we have.  In our house we do not have the fancy T.V., brand name clothes, or many other things that people like to flash at each other.  We are not poor.  We do not miss these things. 

Online I frequently read people typing about how hard it is and how poor they are.  They are not poor!

Recently I have been bombarded with stories of what poor is.  Such as:

The Story of Whitney Elementary School
Where 85% of the children are homeless and one principal did what she could to keep her kids in school and learning by helping the families.

North Korean Starvation
Where it is reported by escapes that the people live like dogs.  Some reports even talk about people eating grass and tree bark because it is all there is.

Whether it is looking at our own country or another, the fact remains that in our house we are blessed.  We eat what we like and regularly.  We have clothing and shelter and internet.  Most importantly we have each other.  We are blessed.  And today seems like a day to just sit back and appreciate it.

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