Thursday, June 9, 2011

Practical Life Lessons

In the future I plan to write about my classroom.  When I do you are likely to point out there is not practical life shelves.  It is not because I do not value this work.  I do, very much.  I just don't have shelves for it because we are at home!  Practical life happens everyday every second at home.  My children make their own lunches, while I observe and even guide when asked.  They bake with me, clean messes up when they are made, and many other things.  My son  knows how to use a screw driver to change the batteries in his toys.  And better yet knows that if you use a tool you must put it back and take care of it while using it.  Sometimes homeschooling is harder because you are at home.  This however is an area where homeschooling is easier!

This morning is a great example of this.  We had muffins for breakfast.  I prefer making them from scratch but when the kids are making them we use packaged mix so that J can do all the work himself.  The mix we buy only requires 1/2 cup of milk to be added.  The kitchen is my favorite place to teach fractions!  He measures it out and stirs it up, while I preheat the oven and spray the pan with bakers spray. 

Next he uses the cookie dough scoop to fill the muffin cups.  This is great for measuring practice, as well as discussing volumes.  The whole time he is learning to control his body and developing hand eye coordination!

After all the mix is in the pan I put the pan in the oven while, he washes the dishes!  His wife is going to love me some day. =D


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