Friday, January 20, 2012

Montessori Manuals

I have a new obsession, hence my absence here.  "What is it?" you ask.  Montessori Albums!  I can't get enough. I have been reading and reading and planning.  I knew that the Montessori method was very directress inspired, but I didn't realize how much until I started reading different manuals.  The what tends to stay relatively the same,(as in subject matter) but the how(materials/presentation) can be approached  very differently based on the directress and even by the independent student.  I love this!  I have been working on so many things thanks to the inspiration of these albums.  Many I have found for free. Finding these has made me realize even more that it is not just the materials that make the education Montessori, but the method as well.  We are not fully Montessori, because in a small family it is hard to be purely Montessori, but we are incorporating even more every day!

You all know how I love the free exchange of knowledge so of course I am going to share a few of my favorites with you!

  • Creating Dharma-- this was the site that got me started.  The creator of this blog shares his own personal albums that he created while in training.  I particularly like the photos he incorporated, which can not be found in many albums online and that you can download them as a pdf file instead of only being able to use them online. He also has links to other online only albums which are great for instruction but not as user friendly:
  • Wikisori -- a wiki site for educators using the Montessori  method  quality varies with each entry as a result, but I have found many useful articles.
  • Montessori's Own Handbook-- Written by the lady herself this is a MUST HAVE for anyone using the method.  Many claim that you have to be trained professionally to use the method correctly, and while I will concede that it has to help in many ways, this book is proof that even Maria acknowledged if not approved of parents using her method at home!  Something that has been very validating for me as a home schooling parent and I am sure will be for other homeschooling parents as well.
Best of ALL!!!!!
 I have saved the best for last, one of my favorite sites is having a Birthday Give Away!  Montessori Print Shop is giving away their Albums to lucky winner.  I have been coveting these for a while now and hope to win!  You should take a chance also.  Given the quality of other products of theirs I have I just know they will be a great addition!

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